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    Factum printed 1-sided (left-hand side)and bound with a cover. 

    • Pricing

      You don't see pricing when placing your order. We will get back to you with our best price and print your order upon you approve our quote. 

    • Document Upload

      We recommend selecting "provide me with an upload link" if you have a large document to print (e.g. over 1k pages) or you need the extra mind of security. 


      We will email you a direct link after placing your order to share your print document when you select "provide me with an upload link." Please use the link instead of uploading your documents with your order. 


      You can upload directly up to ten (10) files. We accept the following file types: PDF and  ZIP. 

      We recommend compressing your files into a single zip file if you have more than ten (10) files or different file types other than those we accept for direct upload. 


      You can learn more here on how to compress your data.